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Jan Bray

Bray Strategies helps connect the education and workplace systems for a relevant, skilled workforce. The ever-evolving workplace, impacted by new technologies and global competition, has combined, with an increasingly diverse workforce to have challenged existing education and training models as well as the current dynamics between resource providers.

Bray Strategies brings a unique understanding to the issues underlying the decisions of both education and workforce leaders. With vision, passion and an expansive network of relationships, Bray Strategies is committed to delivering innovative solutions and maximized opportunities.

As founder and chief strategist, Jan Bray brings over 40 years of experience helping leaders think, plan and act strategically in a global arena. She has focused her work over the past decade on building bridges that result in career and financial success for individuals, businesses and communities. In addition, she has provided leadership to help the nonprofit association community explore and articulate a vision for the future and develop working plans to bring that vision to life.

Services Provided by Bray Strategies:

Consulting Services to Education/Workforce Organizations, Companies and Government Agencies

  • Assisting business and industry in identifying skills gaps and closing those gaps through avenues in the education community.
  • Creating mutually beneficial collaborations between business and education on a global stage.
  • Facilitating efforts to reposition companies as solution providers
  • Aligning certifications and credentials with education programs
  • Technical assistance for program design and teacher professional development
  • Identifying new areas of opportunity for institutions and corporations
  • Recognizing and sharing best practices
  • Subject Matter Expert on government education and workforce grants
  • Technical assistance for work-based learning programs including apprenticeships

Consulting Services to Education/Workforce Associations

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation
  • Leadership Training
  • Environmental Scanning
  • Nonprofit Operations Presentations on Key Education and Workplace Topics Trends in Education Reform and Career-Tech Education
  • Impact of Federal Policy
  • Leadership
  • Association Management

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